Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I hate this part...

I am, and probably always will be, that person who simply cannot deal with goodbyes. It's a shame that it's getting to be that time, and my last weeks in Sainté will be clouded with the sheer dread of leaving.

I've made this place my home for the past months, made great friends, developed a routine. I'm completely comfortable and in my element here, and now I have to throw all of that away.

I know I won't be starting fresh, but it kind of feels like I am. When I get home (to my other home, that is) things WON'T be the same as they were when I left, because I feel different than I did then.

I just hope that I can deal with that.


Mom said...

My sweet girl. I know this is sooooo hard for you. Just know that hugs from Mom are waiting for you. I love you.

Calendar Lady said...

Your not throwing anything

away. It will always be a part

of who you are.